Erin Road Presbyterian Primary

Erin Road Presbyterian Primary

Additional Info

  • Address: 414 Siparia Erin Road Quarry Village, Santa Flora
  • Contact Information: Telephone: 649-7633
  • Date Established: 1908
  • Our Mission:
    We of the Erin Road Presbyterian School will provide a safe and nurturing environment conducive to learning, equipped with the appropriate resources, a professional collaborative staff and involved and supportive stakeholders so that our students may develop academically, spiritually, physically, morally and emotionally in order to adapt and contribute positively to our ever changing society
  • Message From Principal:


    I am pleased to welcome all to the Erin Road Presbyterian School family. We strive to form meaningful relations and partnerships with our stakeholders to develop the unique potential of each of our charges. We pride ourselves in having an open-door policy and forging strong ties between home and school. Our school is blessed with a mixture of ethnicity, abilities, talents and interests and is a true reflection of our multicultural society. Our academics include Agricultural Science, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Physical Education, Visual and Performing Arts, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, Religious Education and Values Character and Citizenship Education and we offer a range of co and extra curricular activities such as Football, Cricket, Red Cross, 4H, Cub Scouts and Netball. We trust that your time with us will be fruitful and blessed and that once touched by these hallowed halls will always take the flag of Erin Road Presbyterian School as a beacon wherever your journey takes you.

  • History of School:


    The school is 107 years old and started under a carat shed in 1908. It was one of the first in the area to provide education for the poor indentured labourers and descendants of former slaves in the community. It boasted a maximum population of 500 in 1960 but numbers began on the decline with the development of the business community of Siparia and the oil belt of Santa Flora creating a wider choice of schooling. Despite this the school remains as a premier choice in the community with a long waiting list if students desirous of transfers into the institution. The Erin Road Presbyterian School has a rich legacy of dynamic institutional leaders starting with the Canadian Missionaries and is known for it's athletic prowess as a Sport Powerhouse and excellence at Presbyfest. The school has produced leaders in the field of politics,agriculture, education, business, music and sports and continues to be a revered institution of the community.


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