Caroni Presbyterian Primary

Caroni Presbyterian Primary

Additional Info

  • Principal: Jenny Kowlessar
  • Address: Knaggs Street Frederick Settlement, Caroni
  • Contact Information: Telephone/Fax: 645-5059; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Population: Student Population: 117; Teaching Staff: 8
  • Date Established: 1881
  • Our Mission:
    Our mission at the Caroni Presbyterian School is to maximize the learning experience of every child by nurturing, guiding and challenging our students to reach their fullest potential. We commit ourselves to work diligently together with parents, community and other stakeholders become life-long leaners and productive participants in an increasingly diverse global community.
  • History of School:


    Caroni Presbyterian School has a rich history which began as early as 1881, when Andrew Guydeen, a teacher from India landed on our shores and was put in charge of the district of Caroni. He lived at Frederick Settlement and from a humble office, he struggled to carry out his day to day tasks developing schools in the area.

    The school was nestled on the banks of the Caroni River where the occasional rushing waters, pungent smells and constant noise of the passing trains caused several disturbances and made life very uncomfortable for the students and teachers. Indeed, flooding was a threat to the safety of all, but through perseverance the school survived and flourished.

    The school has been very fortunate and was donated land in Frederick Settlement by Caroni Limited in the year 1949. The area was used to construct a school to house the growing population. It was hoped that this site would be a model settlement in the future and that education would be the key factor to success.

    In the year 1951, the school, together with the church was removed to the new spot under the leadership of the Principal, Mr. Samuel David Gibbings. Under his advice and expertise the present shape of the school was designed which housed a nutrition centre and Agricultural Science room. The school excelled academically, culturally and socially and the community felt a sense of achievement because education was a way out of poverty.

    The school had a very successful start and seemed destined for success. In the 1970’s, Caroni Presbyterian School made its community proud and was considered a prestigious Presbyterian institution. Records indicate that hundreds of students have benefitted from the school and notable professionals were products of this esteemed establishment.

    At the administrative level, Caroni Presbyterian School had distinguished itself in the past with leaders of astute leadership qualities and whose determination and strength led to successs in netball, football, cricket and athletics and in competitions organized by the Presbyterian Primary Schools’ Board of Education. We continue to perform with a creditable degree of success in cricket and athletics.

    The history of Caroni Presbyterian School over the years has been one which has seen the acquistion of Agri-Science trophies for excellence, while academic results overall established Caroni Presbyterian School as the top school in the country. In fact, many notable professionals were products of this establishment such as teachers – Mr. Wilfred Best (deceased) author of the popular “Students Companion”, Mr. Solomon Tancoo, former Examination Officer at the Ministry of Education and Mr. Hamlun Dikhan , former lecturer of Psychology (deceased) at the Mausica Teachers’ College. Some of its outstanding students have been Justice Deyalsingh, and Leo Mohammed (E.N.T.) Apart from the many lawyers , civil servants, accountants and engineers have passed through the doors of this illustrious institution.

    In 2010, one child was placed among the top 100 performers at SEA. In 2011, our school as placed 9th in the country in Mental Mathematics marathon. In 2012, our boys were the overall winners in the Caroni Education District Six-a-Side Football Competition. In 2013, at the Caroni Education District Prize Gving ceremony, our school produced the most outstanding Athlete Male in the District. The school has performed well in the SEA and National Test within recent years. At SEA, all children have gained over 30% and at National Test, were deemed a performing school.

    The above accomplishments serve as an inspiration in our quest to provide an excellent all round education to our pupils.

  • Additional School Info:


    Vision Statement: To become a top-ranked learning institution by continuously striving towards the improvement of the teaching / learning process at our school.