Upper Carapichaima Presbyterian Primary

Upper Carapichaima Presbyterian Primary

Additional Info

  • Address: #345, Mission Road, Freeport
  • Contact Information: Telephone: 673-1920
  • Population: 8 Teachers; 215 Students
  • Date Established: 1930
  • Our Mission:
    To provide quality education for pupils’ holistic development that will equip them with life-long learning skills.
  • Message From Principal:


    upperprinThe Upper Carapichaima Presbyterian School is a school that promotes a positive ethos.  This school tries its best to develop all-round, holistic children through the programs and initiatives and curriculum enactment.  We work as a team here to maximize production with the tasks with which we are charged.

    Teachers use multiple strategies and resources to ensure learning takes place.  Parents and other key stakeholders play an integral role in achieving goals.
    We do our best here at Upper C. Pres. to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and welcome.

    Our key words: "Live as a family work as a team"
    "We must be the change we wish to see in the world"





  • History of School:


    The Upper Carapichaima Presbyterian School is located at Freeport Mission Road in the County of Caroni.  It consists of a mixed denominational institution that caters for five (5) to fourteen (14) year old within a multi-grade system.  The present population is two hundred and fifteen (215) pupils.  Some of the pupils come from low socio-economic backgrounds.  In many cases single parent families exist.

    The Upper Carapichaima Presbyterian School was established in the early 1930’s as a wooden structure with an enrolment of eighty-five pupils and five (5) teachers.  As the years went by, the student population grew, resulting in the provision of an extension to the existing building in 1986.  When this wooden structure deteriorated, it was replaced by a new school that was built under the IDB Programme.
    The school was opened on February 7th 1990.  The New School had a design capacity for three hundred and fifty (350) pupils.

    The present teaching staff establishment comprises of a principal, senior teacher and seven (8) trained teachers.  Seven of these trained teachers (including the senior teacher) possess a Bachelor in Education and of the remaining, one possesses a Bachelors in Business Management and the other a Bachelor of Arts in Language.  The ancillary staff consists of two (2) janitors both female and one clerical officer.

    School worship forms the core of this institution and sets the tone for each day.  Teachers conduct the worship which follows a daily plan.

    The school’s co-curricular activities include, Red Cross, Choir, Choral Speaking, Drama and Dance.  The extra-curricular activities include Cub Scouts, Police Youth Club in which the children are learning tassa drumming, Indian dancing and recently they participated in Children’s Carnival where they portrayed Moko Jumbies.
    Sports also form part of the curriculum.  These include cricket, field events and Marching.

    The Upper Carapichaima Presbyterian School has been able to maintain a high score (A.P.I.) in National Test results and has been able to achieve very good results at the S.E.A.  for  years.

    Other school activities include, Mother’s Day Programmes, Divali programmes, Bazaars, Walkathons, Christmas Concerts.
    Upper Carapichaima Presbyterian school encourages a peaceful and harmonious environment to facilitate the nurturing of our children.
    This school tries to develop children holistically in order to increase the human capital in this our country by producing the leaders of tomorrow.

  • Additional School Info:


    Vision statement: To be recognized as one of the top achieving Primary Schools in the Caroni Education District.


    • Maintain a collaborative school culture.
    • Support and develop lifelong learning skills
    • Promote a high level of discipline among pupils
    • Display honesty, integrity, productivity and teamwork among pupils, staff and other stakeholders
    • Create a school environment that is inviting to all visitors



    • To increase all students’ level of literacy, numeracy, and comprehension in all areas of the curriculum.
    • To ensure the delivery of “quality education” to all students.
    • To create differentiated learning opportunities that challenge varied abilities
    • Learners will become critical thinkers and lifelong learners.
    • Learners would be capable of making a meaningful contribution to society.
    • To forge a relationship between school, parents, community and stakeholders.
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