Curepe Presbyterian Primary

Curepe Presbyterian Primary

Additional Info

  • Principal: Mrs. Brenda P. Motilal
  • Address: Lyndon Street Curepe
  • Contact Information: 662-4120
  • Population: Student Population: 660 ; Teaching Staff: 28
  • Date Established: 1929
  • Our Mission:
    The Curepe Presbyterian School aims to instil in each child a sense of commitment to strive for excellence in all endeavours in a changing environment.
  • Message From Principal:


    principalThe principal and staff of the Curepe Presbyterian School welcome you to a premium institution which boasts of a culture of success. This noble institution has been noted for success in every field of endeavour. The committed principal and staff, passionate parents, hard-working pupils and supportive well-wishers do all in their power to ensure that the legacy of CPS is maintained. I take this opportunity to welcome you to our school and to assure you that the diverse needs of your child will always be met.






  • History of School:


    Curepe Presbyterian School was established in 1929. The present main building was constructed in 1950 to accommodate 540 students. Over the years, the school’s enrolment superseded its accommodation with a present enrolment of 662 students. The government has heeded our call for a new school to help with our over-crowding problem. In April 2014, the construction of our new school started in what was the school’s playing field. The completion of this building is projected for the new academic term in September 2015.

    The new building will accommodate 670 students. For the first time in our 86 years of excellence, there will be individual classrooms as well as special classrooms for Music, Audio/Visual, Computer and Library. There will also be a multi-purpose hall, cafeteria, administrative offices and staff room. The present main building, the Year One Infants’ building and toilets will be demolished to make way for a playground. The present administrative building, cafeteria and library will be renovated to accommodate additional classrooms. The blue colour of the school selected is in keeping with the Presbyterian Primary Schools’ Board of Education’s directive.

    Our extra-curricular activities include gymnastics, karate, football, cricket and pan. Curepe Presbyterian School boasts of a vibrant Parent-Teacher Association which continues to offer strong support to the school in providing a Security Officer, Librarian and Music Teacher.

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