Warrenville Presbyterian Primary

Warrenville Presbyterian Primary

Additional Info

  • Principal: Ms. Saundralyn Kalloo
  • Address: Southern Main Road, Warrenville.
  • Contact Information: Phone/Fax: 672-3278
  • Population: Student Population: 470; Teaching Staff: 19
  • Date Established: 1952
  • Our Mission:
    Pupils will be equipped with knowledge, skills, values and attitude which will help them achieve the highest levels of their full potential as human beings and preparing them to fit the society in which they live.
  • Message From Principal:



    Welcome to Warrenville Presbyterian Primary School! We are looking forward to a year of learning and partnership. The teachers and staff at Warrenville Presbyterian are committed to providing a quality education for all students in a safe, secure, and nurturing learning environment. We pride ourselves in meeting the needs of all students. We are committed to ensuring that each child reaches his/her potential.

    We are striving for continued growth in parental involvement and communication between home and school as it is essential to educating and preparing students for the future. We believe in fair and consistent discipline that encourages students to be responsible individuals.

    At the Warrenville Presbyterian, we believe "Success comes through hard work, perseverance, determination and dedication”

    Yours respectfully
    Ms. Saundralyn Kalloo
    Principal Primary Ag.

  • History of School:


    Warrenville Presbyterian School was previously known as the Warrenville Canadian Mission Indian School. This school was established during the time of the missionaries from Canada. The present building was constructed around 1952 to accommodate four hundred and fifty pupils. An annex was built to accommodate the Infant Department during the mid 1970’s.

    To date the population of the school is 470 pupils with a staff of nineteen (19) teachers including the acting principal and acting vice principal.

    Former principals of the school include George Basanta, John Jankey, Joseph Ramsaran, Jean Coward Ag, Agustus Ganagadeen, Carol Jitman, Harold Noonoo, Geeta Kalapnath-Maharaj, Ms. Saundralyn Kalloo Ag. , Rebecca Gokool and Mrs. Yvonne Singh.

    The manager of the school is Mr. Kenrick Ramai.

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