Tacarigua Presbyterian Primary

Tacarigua Presbyterian Primary

Additional Info

  • Principal: Mrs. Linda Abraham- Sahadeo
  • Address: Tabaquite Main Road, Tabaquite
  • Contact Information: Phone: 679-0348
  • Population: Student Population: 483; Teaching Staff: 23
  • Date Established: June 23rd 1884
  • Our Mission:
    Amidst a religious and caring atmosphere, Tacarigua Presbyterian School will work collaboratively with all stakeholders, to provide a centre of excellence for learning and teaching, in a safe and dynamic environment.
  • Message From Principal:


    Welcome to Tacarigua Presbyterian School, a landmark through the ages.  This noble institution of 137 years has served the community well and spaces are in high demand. Our blend of academia, curricular and co curricular has produced national heroes. As we strive towards “Excellence in all Things” we keep focused on creating a haven where students feel safe physically and emotionally, with high expectations of students.

    There is a direct co-relation between the kind of society we live in and the type of education system that we facilitate.  The effectiveness of the education system, as a whole, is influenced by the extent to which these environments provide appropriate resources, training and support to all learners operating within the highest quality.

    (The draft quality standard for education in T&T)

  • History of School:


    The Tacarigua Presbyterian School was established on June 23rd 1884, through the efforts of Dr. John Morton, the first Canadian missionary to Trinidad. The first building which was a small wooden structure was called Tacarigua Canadian Mission Indian School (C. M. I). The first teacher was Ms. Semple, a Canadian Missionary. The school began with a population of forty five (45). After two years Ms. Annie Blackadder took over from Ms. Semple. Ms Semple served the school, church and the community with great love and dedication for 32 years.

    The school was later named in her memory, and up to this day it is still fondly called Blackadder school.

    This year celebrates 125 years as an educational institution. Our rich religious heritage has sustained us and made us one of the best Presbyterian Schools in Trinidad. The present staff numbers 25, with 1 On The Job Trainee (OJT), 1 Business Operations Assistant and an ancillary staff of 4 janitors and 1 security guard.
    The Presbyterian Primary School’s Board continues to partner with us in all our endeavours.

    Since its establishment, the school has had a history of excellence having won many awards, trophies and scholarships through the committed and dedicated staff and supportive parents.

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