Plum Road Presbyterian Primary

Plum Road Presbyterian Primary

Additional Info

  • Principal: Mr. Lawrence Herman
  • Address: 324 Plum Mitan Road Plum Road Village, Manzanilla
  • Contact Information: Phone: 668-2581; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Population: Student Population: 44; Teaching Staff: 8
  • Date Established: 1910
  • Our Mission:
    To empower the pupils to achieve at their full potential so as to become multifaceted persons who are confident and well-rounded individuals through quality educational programmes which will allow them to make a positive contribution to society.
  • Message From Principal:


    principalI extend a warm welcome to all visitors. It is indeed a pleasure to make your acquaintance. You are always welcome to visit us online and in person, if you wish to partner with us as we continue to strive to provide a suitable environment for the ideal development of our pupils and the North Eastern Education District academically and socially. So come share in our educational experience in a relaxing atmosphere with our knowledgeable, experienced and friendly staff.






  • History of School:


    The Plum Road Presbyterian School is situated on the Plum Mitan Road, approximately three kilometres (3 km) east of the Eastern Main Road in Manzanilla. The school was established in 1910 and was reconstructed in 1961 on its present site at #324 Plum Mitan Road, Plum Road, Manzanilla on four thousand square metres (4000 m²) of land. It caters for mainly the children of the Plum Road Village and its environs. The school’s enrolment consists of pupils between the ages of five (5) to fourteen (14) years old. In August 2014, the school underwent extensive renovation of the roof, lighting and washroom facilities, fencing around the perimeter of the school and the ceiling throughout the school. There has been a continuous increase in our pupil intake at all levels in the last two years which seems set to continue in the future.

    Plum Road Presbyterian School has nutured many children who were able to and are still able to be placed in some of the most prestigious secondary school in the North Eastern Education Division. This is as a result of the staff’s belief that every child can learn and so they strive to cater to their individual needs and differences to assist them to self-actualize and perform at their full potential.  

    The school’s climate is one which is conducive to learning, providing a safe and friendly environment to achieve a high level of education in a social atmosphere. The school also possesses a sufficient recreational area where pupils can engage and hone their physically-oriented skills and talents. Many of the teachers are trained in coaching in several sporting areas. The social environment, with its abundance of nature affords the pupils a natural experience not only in an appropriate environmental and scientific experience, but also in the building of lifelong friendships.

    Due to regular changes in administration there has been some negative impact on the performance at the Secondary Examination Assessment exam and the National Test. The last appointed Principal was almost ten years ago. Presently, the school has an appointed Principal, Mr. Lawrence Herman who was appointed in 2014. Our goal as an educational institution is to elevate the school to a greater level of excellence in performance in the education division in all spheres of school life.

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