Princes Town Presbyterian Primary No.1

Princes Town Presbyterian Primary No.1

Additional Info

  • Principal: Mrs. Ruth Ramrattan-Hosein
  • Address: Edward Street, Princes Town
  • Contact Information: Phone: 655-3224
  • Population: Student Population: 610; Teaching Staff: 30
  • Date Established: 1876
  • Our Mission:
    To provide quality educational experiences through the use of technology and a safe and healthy student-centered environment for students to become productive participants in their school, home, church and wider community.
  • Message From Principal:


    principalThe Principal and Staff of Princes Town Presbyterian No. 1 School warmly welcome you to our institution. Princes Town Presbyterian No.1 School provides the platform and a hub for nurturing students’ talent to the highest level of performance.  Our mission is to sustain a school culture of respect that honors all aspects of student success. As a result, our school features rich academic, athletic, co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities for all students.




  • History of School:


    Princes Town Presbyterian No. 1 School was established in 1876 by Reverend John Morton as the Mission School, the name of Princes Town at that time was of course “The Mission.” In 1880 when Princes Edward and George visited the then “Mission” the name Mission School was changed to Princes Town Canadian Mission (C.M) School. The name was later changed to Princes Town Presbyterian School.

    In 1959 when the school was about eighty-three (83) years old a new building was constructed to replace the “old” school. At the time of its completion there was a great demand for a second school and so the replacement functioned as a “new’ school with its own administration and was named Princes Town Presbyterian No.1 School, under the administration of Mr. Wilfred Ramlal. The old building was supposed to be demolished upon completion of the “new” school but because of the high enrolment, all the children could not have been accommodated in the #1 school so the old building was used as another school under the name Princes Town Presbyterian No. 2 School.

    The Princes Town Pres. No. 1 School was built to accommodate five hundred and sixty (560) pupils, however due to overcrowding a wooden annex was built a few years later on the South Eastern side of the building with the assistance of Texaco Trinidad Incorporated. A “breakfast shed” was also constructed to facilitate the distribution of milk. This was later converted to classrooms for the infants.

    In 1992, under the principal ship of Mr. Rudolph Manbodh the wooden annex was replaced by a concrete structure comprising of two (2) floors. The first floor was constructed to house a library, staff room and resource room, but due to overcrowding the resource room was used as classrooms. The ground floor accommodated the second year classes. This project was mainly funded by the Parent-Teacher Association.

    In 2000 under the principal ship of Mr. Basdeo Rampersad the library was further divided to house the computer room.

    In 2003 under the administration of Mrs. Leemoy Rampersadsingh the school was fenced. This project was funded by the Parent- Teacher Association and the Presbyterian Primary Schools’ Board.

    Since 1992, there have been no major changes done to the building. Together, with overcrowding, there are many other problems that exist at our school.
    In keeping with Government’s plan to transform Trinidad and Tobago into a developed nation by 2020, our children must be given the opportunity to be educated in a healthy, safe and conducive environment. Princes Town Pres. No.1 School is in dire need of being rebuilt since no major changes were done to the main structure since its construction in 1959.

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