Fyzabad Presbyterian Primary

Fyzabad Presbyterian Primary

Additional Info

  • Principal: Mrs. Patricia Beepat
  • Address: Lum Tack Hill, Fyzabad
  • Contact Information: Phone: 677-6175
  • Population: Student Population: 413
  • Date Established: 1963
  • Our Mission:
    To revolutionize instructional practices which will impact productively on students’ holistic development enabling them to be critical thinkers in a diverse society.equitable environment for our students to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially.
  • Message From Principal:


    principalWelcome to the Fyzabad Presbyterian Primary School, established in the year 1880.

    This noble institution has assisted in the transformation of the many generations for the past century, molding brilliant minds.

    As Fyzabad Presbyterian Primary envisions a better future for our nation’s children, we ask you to embrace the vision and work collaboratively with both teachers and students. Encourage our children to focus on their spiritual, social, physical, moral and intellectual abilities and assist in creating an environment to secure their all round potential.

    We at the Fyzabad Presbyterian School have initiated groups to be managed by different teachers so that the multiple intelligences possessed by each child as postulated by Howard Gardner will be harnessed. Music, Dance and Drama, Red Cross, Needle Craft, Choral Speaking, 4H, Scouts, Cricket Athletics, Football, Explorers, Art, Craft and Choir and Bible Study Groups are all designed to develop each child’s potential in addition to their intellectual growth. Each child is expected to join at least two clubs during their school career which will be held every Friday from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00p.m. Some clubs will have meetings from 3:00 p.m. until. Our aim is to develop a love for learning.

    The School Based Student Support Service team is an initiative which would lend assistance to those who are psycho-socially affected and those who are not engaged in school activities. S.S.S. team will monitor these students as they will be referred to the Ministry for assistance.

    Our House System is on the move. The objectives are to maintain discipline among students, to develop leadership skills and encourage team work.
    Our P.T.A. is a vibrant organisation. It’s imperative that you attend meetings as often as possible.

    Empirical evidence has shown that students who receive love, care and attention at home from their parents have blossomed into successful individuals. As such we thrive to harness highest moral standards in an effort to create outstanding citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

    Our teachers have been trained to deliver a meaningful curriculum. Students must have confidence in their teachers and parents must be supportive to both student and teacher. We look forward to a partnership of respect in order to fulfil our school’s mission statement.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Patricia D Beepat
    Principal  Primary Ag.

  • History of School:


    In the year 1875, Dr. Kenneth Grant, a Canadian Presbyterian Missionary, came to the newly developing community of Fyzabad to establish the fourth Presbyterian Church in Trinidad. The first structure was established at Thick Village, and, as was the custom, also served as a school to nearby residents. The Fyzabad Presbyterian School, however, records its official beginning five years later in 1880 when the Morning Star Presbyterian Church moved to Lum Tack Hill, Fyzabad. Originally known as a Canadian Mission Indian (CMI) School, and later simply as the Canadian Mission (CM) School before being changed to the Fyzabad Presbyterian School. Its aim was to educate the Indian Immigrants of the area. It has grown from a simple one-room shack to two massive structures that house twenty one classes.

    In 1963 the present main building was constructed on the present main compound, and the bungalow on the second compound was eventually demolished, giving way to the new Annexe Building in 1988. Today, the school also houses a library and computer lab. In the 1960s the school developed the motto, “Aim High And True” and adopted a School Hymn, Prayer, Pledge and Yell. The School’s Philosophy became, “To love the child is to educate the child.”

    The school currently (2015) has a population of about four hundred and twenty students and a staff of twenty three. The Fyzabad Presbyterian School has produced doctors, lawyers, magistrates and pioneers in the field of Education, who continue to serve the nation at the highest level. We of the school are committed to continue the sacred charge of bringing knowledge to the children of the nation, through commitment, experience and service, and the blessings of Almighty God.

  • Additional School Info:


    School Vision: To remain a model school by continuing to promote the holistic development of all students through structured programmes and creative instructional practices enhancing their  intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, physical and moral development.

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