Felicity Presbyterian Primary

Felicity Presbyterian Primary

Additional Info

  • Address: Cacandee Main Road, Caroni
  • Population: 186 Students; 8 Teaching Staff
  • Date Established: 1921
  • Our Mission:
    To encourage stakeholders to work together to foster discipline, tolerance, academic excellence, moral and spiritual awareness through active participation in the teaching – learning process.
  • Message From Principal:


    principalWelcome to Felicity Presbyterian School. We at Felicity are committed to the holistic development of each child who passes through our school. We strive to expose our children to various activities which will help to achieve this goal.

    It is expected that all players – pupils, parents, teachers and the principal work peacefully and co-operatively with the larger community to achieve the school’s vision and mission. Our stakeholders’ contributions are invaluable to us as we work with our pupils for the seven most formative years of their childhood.





  • History of School:


    Felicity Presbyterian School is located about four kilometres West of Chaguanas, along the Cacandee Main Road in the County of Caroni. Although it is within easy reach of all areas of the Borough of Chaguanas, we share a common catchment area with several neighbouring schools.  

    The institution is a mixed denominational one, which caters for 5 to 14 year olds. The present cliente is one hundred and eighty-six (186) pupils, the majority of whom come from parents of a low social-economic background.
    Felicity Presbyterian School which was erected in 1921, under-went substantial renovations and extensions during 1980-1983, and was re-opened later that year. This two-storeyed concrete structure was designed to accommodate four hundred and forty (440) pupils; it now has an enrolment of one hundred and eighty-six pupils.

    The teaching establishment comprises of a principal and eight trained teachers. The ancillary staff comprises of three janitors – one male and two females. There is also one female Business Operations Assistant I and three OJTs.
    Staff meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month with “Ad Hoc” meetings when necessary. Parent-Teachers meetings are held at least twice per term with an average attendance of seventy-five (75). Invaluable assistance is given by these parents towards school based activities and fund raising projects. Members of staff willingly volunteer to form organizations within the school system. At present there is a Cub Pack, Choir and Red Cross Troop in existence. The staff and pupils also participate in competitions held by Ministry of Education and other organisations.

    Other activities that take place in school are Walk-a-thon and Family Day, Sports Day, Christmas Concerts, Carolling, Graduation Exercise, Achievement Day, and Staff Socials and a weekly Church Service is conducted by staff members at the adjacent Felicity Presbyterian Church.  The school’s vision and mission was a collaborative effort of members of staff and other representative stakeholders in education. They incorporate our country’s economic development, the maintenance of our cultural heritage and the preservation of our moral and spiritual values.

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