Bien Venue Presbyterian Primary

Bien Venue Presbyterian Primary

Additional Info

  • Principal: Mr. Dillan Daniel
  • Address: La Plaisance Road La Romain
  • Contact Information: Phone: 657-3179
  • Population: Staff: 20
  • Date Established: 1896
  • Our Mission:
    The Bien Venue School is dedicated to ensuring that each child experiences optimal social, emotional, academic and physical success through a progressive child-centered educational program catering to their multiple intelligences, in a safe and healthy learning environment
  • Message From Principal:


    It is certainly an honour and privilege to lead an institution that has served La Romaine and environs for the last one hundred and twenty years. Today we build upon the foundation laid by our predecessors despite the numerous challenges faced by our pupils in their respective homes. We firmly believe in holistic education through which we cater for multiple intelligences. At Bien Venue Presbyterian School we offer Steelpan, Dance, Martial Arts, Chess, Cub Scouts, Red Cross, cricket and football in an effort to create all round pupils.

  • History of School:


    Founded by Presbyterian missionaries more than one hundred years ago, Bien Venue Presbyterian School remains the oldest school serving the community of La Romaine, with no barriers to race, religion, economic status or the differently-abled. On 1st July 1896, Bien Venue was listed for the first time as a Canadian Mission Special Indian School. Prior to this, it was situated on Concord Road in the La Fortune Estate. In 1938, the school was relocated to Peter Trace (La Plaisance Road) on lands leased to the Church by Mr. Peter Chandroo. In 1996, the new building was constructed on its present site by ALTYP Enterprises. On March 12th, 1997, the current building was formally dedicated and opened.

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