Bamboo Grove Presbyterian Primary

Bamboo Grove Presbyterian Primary

Additional Info

  • Principal: Vedesh Loutan
  • Address: Jamurath Street, Bamboo Settlement #1, Valsayn
  • Contact Information: Phone: 662-5723
  • Population: 105 students; 7 teachers; 1 principal
  • Date Established: 1956
  • Our Mission:
    To holistically develop each child in a safe, happy and stimulating environment, equipping him/her with values and knowledge which will allow him/her to be socially responsible and respectable citizen who would be able to make innovative and valuable contributions to his/her home, community and country.
  • Message From Principal:

    principalGreetings, and welcome to the Bamboo Grove Presbyterian Primary School (BGPS) site.
    BGPS belongs to a vibrant community of learners, which involves a synergy of ideas from all staff members, parents and students to create a community of thinkers.

    Student learning is the central focus of our work. Our staff members have high expectations for our students’ performance and provide a challenging curriculum to ensure students meet class level standards.

    Our PTA is very active supporting all the wonderful activities we have during the entire year.
    We are currently restructuring our policies to be in sync with 21st century learning.
    As principal of BGPS, I am proud to partner with PPSB of Education to fulfill God’s plans to educate his children.

    Yours sincerely,
    Vedesh Loutan (Principal Primary)

  • History of School:

    Bamboo Grove Presbyterian School was established in 1956 by the Canadian Missionaries to educate the children of the Indentured Laborers. The school is a government assisted school owned by the Presbyterian Primary school board. The school is located in Jamurath Street, Bamboo Settlement #1,Valsayn.

    The school is a two storey building made of steel concrete and wood. It was renovated during the August vacation in 2011. The children are much more comfortable now.

    The school has a present enrollment of one hundred and five (105) students. There are seven (7) classes an (7) teachers with a Confirmed Principal.

  • Additional School Info:


    School Motto: Knowledge is Power

    Vision Statement: To Empower our students through a quality 21st Century Education to be successful citizens in society

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