Cunaripo Presbyterian Primary

Cunaripo Presbyterian Primary

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  • Principal: MS. JOSEPHINE SAM
  • Contact Information: Telephone: 691-2777; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Population: Teaching Staff: 7
  • Date Established: 1904
  • Our Mission:
    To propel the holistic development of the individual through teaching, guiding and serving in an aesthetically pleasing and nurturing environment.
  • History of School:


    Cunaripo Presbyterian Primary School, a Government assisted denominational institution was established in the year 1904. It was rebuilt three times and the present structure has been here in existence since 1966.

    This one storey concrete structure is nestled on a hill top in very spacious surroundings. It is an open layout with brick walls separating the infant department to the south and the Principal’s office and storeroom to the north. Chalkboards serve as screens to separate the classes. These are moved by students during the day to facilitate morning devotions and dismissal and it is a hazard to the students. The school has been recently repainted and looks clean but is lacking many facilities that are very important for students to attain their full potential. There is no music room, science room, storage room, kitchen, CD player, DVD player, not enough space for group work and no suitable desks especially for science activities. The teachers use toilets in the students’ washrooms. There is no role model for the boys which is not a good thing as the students are only surrounded by females even though there are more boys than girls in the school.

    At present, the school has an enrolment of 150 students between the ages of 5 to 15 years. These students come mainly from the catchment area and most of them are graduates of the Cunaripo ECCE Centre. Most of the students attend school regularly. Working as a team and assisting the Principal in the management and administration of the school, are an all female staff of six trained teachers, one Assistant Teacher Primary, a manager, the P.T.A., two cleaners, security officers and other resource personnel. The principal encourages her staff to pursue their education to a higher level as she herself has obtained a Certificate of Education in the Teaching of Mathematics, a Bachelor’s Degree in Education in Educational Administration with first class honours and a Master’s Degree in Education with concentration in Curriculum. Five of the teachers have completed a Bachelor’s of Education Degree - three in Literacy Studies (one with first class honours) one in Primary School Education with distinction and one in Early Childhood Care and Education. The teachers are regular at school and are very committed to teaching as they cope with many students having learning disabilities.

    Throughout the years, the school has endeavoured to provide students with an all-round education. Students participate in many competitions and have often reached national level in these competitions.

    In 2015, this school was the 1st place winner in the Republic Bank Agricultural Science Competition. This school has been the District Winner in this competition for many years and attained the prize of 2nd place national overall winner in 2013 but it is first time that we have achieved this esteemed title.

    In 2013, the school was the National winner in the National Primary Schools Cricket Competition sponsored by Atlantic LNG. Last year both boys and girls cricket teams were   national semi-finalists in the competition. Our school has been district champions for many years in both the boys and girls primary schools competition cricket.

    Our school placed 1st in the National Integrity Essay Writing Competition in the Standard Four and Five category in 2013 and 2014. This school has been in the finals of the National Mental Mathematics Competition for many years.  The school has been doing well over the years in Music, Dance and other competitions having been Champion Choir in North Eastern Division and winner in the Soca Category a few years ago.    

    The school participates in various celebrations such as Divali, Eid-ul-Fitr, Carnival, Easter, Mothers’ Day, Christmas and School’s Anniversary involving parents in these. Certificates are given each term to students for excellence in academics, school discipline, and perseverance. The school organizes sports so that all students can participate. One student placed third in the NALIS Calypso Competition 2014.  
    It has been noted over the years from S.E.A. and National Test results, that our students perform well both in the Mathematics and Language Arts areas performing in the upper level of the Mostly Effective category according to the school’s Academic Performance Index.
    Resource Personnel are invited on occasions to assist in various areas of the school’s curriculum. Community Police are also invited on a regular basis to speak to students so as to improve discipline in school.

    CEPEP assists with the cutting of the surroundings.
    Despite the many challenges, with the lack of proper facilities and unsuitable classroom conditions that hinder learning, we at the Cunaripo Presbyterian School are doing our utmost to ensure that our students are provided with the best education possible.

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    Vision: To continue the thrust toward making Cunaripo Presbyterian School a leading educational institution with all the necessary human, physical, financial and technological resources to deliver quality education so as to create productive citizens.

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