Penal Presbyterian Primary

Penal Presbyterian Primary

Additional Info

  • Principal: Mrs. Lynda Nandlal
  • Address: Penal Junction Penal
  • Contact Information: Phone:647-0126; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Population: Student Population: 416; Teaching Staff: 19
  • Date Established: 1900
  • Our Mission:
    To provide a professional teaching/ learning environment through the implementation of the revised curriculum fostering an atmosphere of co-operation through teamwork with respect for individual differences and to be able to successfully integrate students into society.
  • Message From Principal:

    principalLetters that define us;                    
    P- Promoting the doctrines of the Presbyterian Church                    
    E - Encouraging all stakeholders to participate                    
    N - Never giving up                    
    A - Always putting our children first                    
    L - Our Motto; Learn, Love, Live                    
    Penal Presbyterian Primary School welcomes YOU!!!!!!!!!!!     

  • History of School:


    In the year 1900, the Canadian Missionary purchased a parcel of land on a lofty hill in the heart of Penal. On that said parcel of land (where the present school is situated) a school was started with Mr. Dukhie as the teacher. The school, a wooden structure was erected. In order to be recognized as a full-fledged state assisted school, an enrollment of at least sixty pupils was to be obtained and maintained for two years. Mr. Aaron Dukhie was given the onerous task to fulfill this requirement, and by 1902 the school became a state assisted school. The first qualified School Master of the Penal Presbyterian School was a vibrant Afro – Trinidadian with a wealth of teaching experience. Other administrators to follow were: Stephen Lochan, Arthur Baldeo, Rawlins Bramadat, Joseph McKenzie, Mc Donald Bahadur, Samuel Doodnath, Joseph Bullock, Harold Baldeo, Harold Doodnath, Ramroop Jaggernauth, Deonarine Basdeo, David Indarsingh, Frederick Sinanan (1999), Mr. Ragbir Umraw (2005), Mrs Kamla Jagessar ( Acting)  (2006), Mrs Hanna Nagee ( Acting) ( 2010) Ms. Michelle Mahabir-Dass  (2011) and our present Acting Principal, Mrs. Lynda Nandlal. In September 1998 there was an addition of a new wing to the school. This created accommodation for four new classes as well as other facilities such as a stock room, a resource center, a cleaner’s room, a computer room and a lunchroom have been added. Teachers have been pleased and satisfied with the improvement of the physical facilities and are using it effectively to enhance the teaching / learning process.

  • Additional School Info:


    Vision: To become literate, numerate, self-confident citizens exhibiting moral values in their quest for knowledge; to achieve the status of being a first choice school that will provide opportunities for enrichment, intervention and remediation as necessary.

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