Get to Know the PPSBE

groupWelcome to the PPSBE!

There are 72 Presbyterian Primary Schools in Trinidad & Tobago.

The function of the Presbyterian Primary Schools Board of Education is to contribute to and partner with Government’s Education Plan, it’s mission and vision. We also provide opportunities across communities for our nation’s children who would not normally have had the opportunity to access education, because of the strategic location of some of our schools.

Presbyterian Schools pride itself on offering a well rounded/holistic education experience to our students, sports/culture etc. One of the few denominations to celebrate/recognize all religious/cultural events.


Over the years despite many challenges teachers of our Primary schools have persevered with much success to producing top performing students academically, well adjusted and professionally qualified citizens in wider society. The Honourable Prime Minister, Former First Lady Mrs. Hassanali, Former Speaker of the House, Dr. Linda Baboolal are some of the past students of Presbyterian Schools. Numerous citizens in all spheres of society now hold senior positions, they are products of the Presbyterian Schools. One just need to look at Top Performances in SEA/CAPE – Presbyterian Schools make a notable contribution each year. A rich legacy of contributing to Nation Building.


Presbyterian Schools look forward to developing a closer relationship with the state. It is recognized that as we move forward the relationship will have to be re-defined. The Presbyterian Schools see its role in the future as critical and we place value on it.

Purpose & Function

This board shall be constituted and competent authority of the Presbyterian Church of Trinidad and Tobago in certain matters relating to Education in their respective spheres in accordance with the Policy of The Church and of the Government, as well as with the existing Education Act/ Ordinance and Regulations made thereunder.

The Presbyterian Primary Schools’ Board of Education shall be responsible for the affairs of
Primary Schools established by the Church in accordance with the policy of the Church and the Education Act/Ordinance and the provisions made thereunder.
It shall be the duty of the Board:

a.    To ensure that all Primary Schools are organized, operated, and maintained in accordance with the Education Act/Ordinance and the regulations made thereunder.

b.    To implement the policy of the Church in the field of Primary Education.

c.    To recommend to the Synod, measures affecting educational policy re – the spiritual development and moral well-being of pupils and teachers consistent with the doctrine and practice of the Church.

d.    To work with the Board of Christian Education and other related Boards of the Church for the furtherance of Christian values.

e.    To make recommendations to Government on the appointments, transfers, discipline, suspension, termination of service, resignation and retirement of Principals and Vice Principals in assisted Primary Schools established or maintained by the Church. For this purpose all Principals and Vice Principals/Senior Teachers shall be Presbyterians in good standing, i.e. active communicant members for at least fifteen or eight consecutive years respectively. All recommendations to Government concerning Principals, Vice Principals, Senior Teachers, Head of Departments, must be submitted to Synodical Council for approval. The Board shall also make recommendations to the Teaching Service Commission with respect to other members of Staff. Qualified Presbyterians shall be given preference.

f.    To receive recommendations from Sessions with reference to Principals, Vice Principals, and other members of the staff.

g.    To present to Synod before the end of February of each year, a comprehensive annual report together with an audited Financial Statement on disbursements of maintenance, building and other grants received from all sources, and on capital expenditure involving funds from all sources other than the Government, and Budget for the ensuing year.

h.    To carry out such duties and responsibilities as are assigned to it by Synod from time to time.

i.    To make rules and regulations from time to time with the approval of Synod.

j.    To organize and carry out fund-raising projects for the repairs, maintenance, and re-building of Primary Schools in accordance with the principles of the Church.

k.    They shall promote on the basis of Christian principles, Educational programmes of the highest quality possible.

l.    They shall help to determine and implement Official Policies of the Church in relation to Education.

m.    They shall consider new developments in Education suited to the needs of the Church and the nation and propose to Synod from time to time, necessary changes affecting the overall Policy of the Church regarding Education.

n.    They shall be responsible for the Management of the School Building and other facilities attached to the Schools in collaboration with the appropriate Sessions.

o.    Their decisions in respect to administration, recommendations for appointments, transfers, suspensions, termination of service, resignations or retirement or any other decisions relating to Principals or Vice Principals, shall be subject to approval or review by Synodical Council or Synod be referred to the Boards for necessary action.

p.    They may partner with other similar Organizations concerned with Education, provided they do not contravene the policy of the Church.



The Minister of each Pastoral Region shall be appointed the Chaplain of the Schools within his/her Pastoral Region.


School Managers

The Presbyterian Primary Schools’ Board of Education shall appoint suitable persons as Managers of all Primary Schools under the jurisdiction of Synod. They shall also foster and encourage the formation of groups, committees and Parent-Teacher Association to look after the maintenance of Primary Schools. Managers shall be recommended by the Sessions from among their membership.

Period of Service

a.    Each member of each Board shall be elected for a two-year term and shall be eligible for re-election for a further period of two years, but no member shall serve for more than two consecutive terms or a maximum of four years.
b.    No member shall serve on both Primary and Secondary Boards during the same term.


The Synod at its meeting shall elect the following members of the board:

  1. Chairperson
  2. Secretary
  3. Treasurer

At the Boards first meeting shall elect from their members the following Officers:

  1. Deputy Chairperson
  2. Recording Secretary
  3. Other committee and executive members.


(a)    The Presbyterian Primary Schools’ Board of Education shall comprise –
i.    One representative from each Pastoral Region, either Lay or Ministerial, elected by the Session from among the members of the Session.
ii.    One representative of the Presbyterian Teachers Association appointed by the Association, who shall be a Principal.
iii.    Three Ordained Ministers, one from each Presbytery, elected by Presbytery.
iv.    Four representatives, either lay or Ministerial, elected by Synod from among its members.
(b)    Each Sessiion of a Region shall elect an alternate to its representative from the membership of the Official Board.  Alternates may attend meetings only in the absence of the permanent representatives and will then have the status of full membership for that meeting only.
(c)    Sessions shall have the power to recall either their permanent representatives or alternates at a duly constituted meeting of the Session on a two-thirds majority of the members present and voting. Members of the Session shall be informed at previous meetings by a notice of motion for such a recall. This shall be circulated at least two (2) weeks in advance and included on the Agenda of the meeting at which the decision is to be taken.


The Presbyterian Primary Schools’ Board of Education shall meet at the Headquarters of the Board in regular session at least once a month, and on such occasions as may be necessary for the transaction of the business of the Board.


Duties of Officers

The Chairperson shall preside over meetings of the Board and shall have a casting vote only.

Deputy Chairperson
The Deputy Chairperson shall be a regular member of the Board and shall carry out the duties of the Chairperson in his/her absence, but shall have the powers of the Chairperson at that meeting only.

In the absence of the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson, the Board shall elect a Chairperson from among its members

General Secretary
The General Secretary shall ensure that all decisions of the Board are carried out promptly to follow up on all appointments, promotions  and transfers, and all matters determined by the Board  under “Purpose and Function” and “Duties” as may be determined by the Board.

Recording Secretary
The Recording Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all matters discussed or agreed upon at all meetings of the Board in a Bound Book and see that in summary of the business of meetings is submitted to the General Secretary for circulation to members of the Board.

The Treasurer shall keep a proper account of all monies collected and disbursed by the Board. He shall be the Financial Officer of the Board and/or Synod on Financial matters. He shall submit audited Financial Statements as prescribed by this Constitution and the Constitution of Synod.