About the PPSBE

The Presbyterian Primary Schools’ Board is entrusted with the task of continuing the Mission by ensuring that our children inherit the gift of education. Our purpose is to provide qualified, spiritually grounded teachers who are committed to their profession as well as a safe and supportive environment that promotes learning.
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Zika Virus Awareness


The Caribbean region is especially sespectiable to mosquito bourne diseases due to the hot, wet climate. Recently, there has benn an outbreak of a new virus, Zika, in Brazil and therefore likely to enter T&T.  Read More

Primary Schools

Primary Schools
Below displays some featured primary schools under the PPSBE
Rev. Anthony Rampersad
Rev. Anthony Rampersad is a Presbyterian Minister attached to the Guaico Pastoral Region. He is the Chairman of the Northern Presbytery as well as the Judicial Committee of the Presbyterian Church of Trinidad & Tobago
Rev. Anna Sharma
Vice Chairperson
Rev. Anna J. Shrikissoon-Sharma is a Presbyterian Minister attached to the Princes Town Pastoral. Rev. Sharma is a Past Teacher and Deaconess. She is the holder of a Licentiate in Theological, and Masters of Theology. She is happily married to Mr. Teemal Sharma (SSI) and they both have one child Mr. Tyrell Sharma
Mr. Alvin Seereram
General Secretary
Mr. Elijah Motieram
Over 25 years experience in Management, Supply Chain and Logistics and Finance. Specialized also in Knowledge Management. Holder of an MBA from Henley Business School in the UK.
Formerly the Procurement Services Manager of the HCL Group of Companies in charge of procurement for 22 companies with expenditure exceeding $725 TTD million dollars annually.
A key team player in completed projects such as One Woodbrook Place ($1.6Bn TTD), East Gate on the Greens, Crossings ($450Mn TTD),Trincity Mall Expansion ($850 Mn TTD), Holy Faith Convent in Point Fortin, Trinity and Bishops High Schools Trincity, Scotia Bank at Trincity Mall, Mucavado Club House and Golf course, Tobago Plantation Villas, Long Circular Mall Expansion, Millennium Park and Sunrise Park Trincity. Past experience also as Procurement Manager at NIDCO, NFM, Scotiabank and Coosal's
Mr. Ashford Tamby
Recording Secretary
Mr. Tamby is from the New Century Presbyterian Church, of the Tableland Pastoral Region. He has been an elder since 2009, and continues to serve in his local church. He was elected as Treasurer of PPSBE by Synod in April 2015 for the 2015-2017 term of office. Mr. Tamby, has a wealth of knowledge in the educational field, whereby he possess a B.Sc. (Project Management), B. Ed. (Educational Administration) and an M. Ed. (Curriculum). This is his first time serving on the PPSBE.

The Quote Corner

History of the PCTT

History of the PCTT
The Presbyterian Church of Trinidad and Tobago
  • When Rev. Morton, his wife and their daughter all from the Presbyterian Church in Nova Scotia, arrived in Trinidad the United Presbyterian Church in Scotland was established at lere Village in Princes Town. Later Rev. Kenneth J. Grant opened a new mission in San Fernando in 1870. In 1871 the first primary school was opened. In 1872 the Susamachar church - which is today the biggest Presbyterian congregation - opened its doors. In 1874 work commenced in Couva. In 1876 missionary work expanded in Cedros, Caroni, Tunapuna and Guaico. By 1880 4 mission stations were established in Couva, Princes Town, San Fernando and Tunapuna. In 1883 the first secondary school was opened.

    In 1892 the Presbyterian Theological Seminary was opened. In 1893 the Presbyterian Church in Trinidad and Tobago was known as the Presbytery of Trinidad. In 1896 Rev. J. S. Wilson, a Scottish minister, established the Marabella Presbyterian Church which later become Wilson Memorial Presbyterian Church. In 1931 the agreement between the Canadian Church and the Church of Scotland was dissolved, the work in Trinidad become an autonomous body. The Presbyterian Church in Trinidad and Tobago has over 60,000 members and 105 congregations. The church maintains 72 Presbyterian primary schools and five Presbyterian secondary schools.

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Our Principals Speak

Our Principals Speak
Some random and motivational thoughts as expressed by some of our primary school principals
  • Dereck S. Fishing Pond Primary
    Being a denominational school gives us the wonderful opportunity for teaching religious values and morals based on lessons from the Holy Bible whilst at the same time respecting the various religious beliefs of our pupils.
  • Shirna M. Felicity Primary
    We at Felicity are committed to the holistic development of each child who passes through our school. We strive to expose our children to various activities which will help to achieve this goal.
  • Keith S. Rousillac Primary
    Welcome to the Rousillac Presbyterian School the last Presbyterian school on the Southern Main Road to Icacos, the southernmost point of the south western peninsula of Trinidad and Tobago. We boast of being one of the better performing schools in the St. Patrick Education District.
In celebration of PCTT's 150th Anniversary, the Presbyterian Primary School's Board of Education (PPSBOE) has released these cheerful exercise and note books! 
You can call the board and place your order at the Office, Monday thru Friday at 652-3717.
Infant line exercise books  - $2
Single line exercise books - $2
Soft flex notebooks            - $5
Hard flex notebooks           - $7

PS: it'll be a wonderful gift for your kids in celebration of Universal Children's Day next weekDeadline Date: November 10, 2017 by 3pm.